REEMAQ-MOVES is a workflow based vehicle logistics management platform and iOS/Android App. REEMAQ-MOVES provides full vehicle inventory management and visibility through to accounts and invoice administration. The system integrates with customer and supplier systems creating a seamless end to end solution. REEMAQ-MOVES can be configured for automated closed-bid auctions and supports multiple rules-based supplier allocation, active supplier management and communications between customers, compounds, bodyshops, transport suppliers and buyers.

Dashboard of the Reemaq Moves platform

Available features include:

  • Single source of truth with transparency for the entire transport process, reducing the need to access multiple systems and manage complicated spreadsheets.
  • Automated workflow and decision making reducing the need for large transport teams and taking away poor transport decisions.
  • Provides intelligent pricing of movements based on a set variables such as location, transport type, customer type, vehicle.
  • Controlled and automated end to end workflow ensuring all customers, vendors and third parties receive a standardized, best in class experience.
  • Easy access vendor, site and central portals ensuring complete data transparency, reducing email volumes, out of process or missed decisions.
  • Closed bid tendering of best time and best cost, driving down overall delivery costs and improving delivery efficiency.
  • Automated emailing ensuring all parties receive real time, branded transport updates.
  • Real time analytics enabling the identification of data trends to drive down cost, improve efficiency and manage vendor performance.
  • Provides supplier automated, self-invoicing capability, removing the need to consolidate and cross check transport moves.

REEMAQ-MOVES could be right for your business.

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