Enterprise has streamlined their vehicle logistics.

Reemaq.com, previously branded as HK Remarketing and HKR has combined its experience in logistics and vehicle remarketing management and developed a bespoke system that ensures Enterprise Holdings, which owns and operates Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car, has instant ‘live’ access to the status of every vehicle in its UK fleet.

Designed and developed by Bedford-based business, the new system is critical to the vehicle rental company’s ability to manage the lifecycle movements of every vehicle in its UK fleet in real time.

The personalised and highly efficient work-flow system dramatically reduces the administrative burden of vehicle management for Enterprise’s team across its network of over 400 UK branches.

The system provides a full and instantly visible inventory of all current vehicles, has automated closed-bid tenders for when vehicles are sold, supports multiple rules-based logistics allocation, offers active supplier management as well as communications between storage compounds, vehicle carriers and buyers via automated emails.

Reemaq.com, formed in 2012, has drawn on its extensive experience of providing online workflow systems for de-fleet, transport and vehicle inspections. It operates in many markets including the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and Hungary.

Reemaq.com’s system provides full integration of the supply chain from active carrier management to secure compound management of vehicle stock along with an MI dashboard that provides a comprehensive reporting suite and audit control.